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Who We Are

First and foremost we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our customers who supported our business throughout. We are also thankful to all of our customers and new visitors for their interest in CARSA.JP

Japanese used cars are well known for their measure of quality and value for money. We at CARSA.JP take honor in our selection of these fine cars which are suitable for the customer’s exact needs.

CARSA.JP is a used vehicle exporter based in Japan, your reliable source of quality used vehicles from Japan! Our goal is to satisfy you through our services and give you the greatest satisfaction possible.

CARSA.JP offers various services and options as a solution for importing used cars from Japan, these options may vary depending on the quantity and frequency of the purchase. Customers can access the information on deals and stocks updated daily through our homepage, the stock on our website is the ready stock to ship to anywhere in the world. Are you looking for something that we do not have in our stock , do let us know we will find that from the auction, auctions are displaying thousands of cars for sale, weekly.

Whether you are a student with a modest budget, an office professional seeking economy, a family man with safety in mind, an enthusiast carving for performance, an adventurer prioritizing reliability or just some one who doesn’t know much about car, we at Saffran International will make sure you find the right vehicle capable of meeting all expectation at an affordable prices.

The CARSA® Difference

Exact Purchase
Budget of our customer
Inspection before purchase
Correct and Detailed information on product
Quick Response
Maintain an equal support level till vehicles arrives the destination
Get A Real Payment From The Very Start!

No hidden fees. Payments are specific to you upfront.

Buy 100% Online

Complete your entire vehicle purchase process online.

24/7 Shopping

No waiting for that end of month special to buy your vehicle at 2am anymore!